Apocalipsis (Peru)

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Name Apocalipsis
Real name
Nicknames "El Mejor Luchador del Perú", "Rudísimo", "Sapo" (as heel)
Name history Bad Boy (Bolivia), César Mansilla, Apocalipsis (current)
Maestro(s) Makoto, Sandokan
Birth date, location October 10, 1975
Obituary date
Debut, location 1998 vs Rudy Chile (Los Demonios Del Ring)
Lost mask to
Height 176 cms/5'9"
Weight 93 kg/176 lbs
Signature moves Triangle Choke, Rolling Press, Armageddon Bomb, Back to back double underhook piledriver
Titles: LWA Maximo Title (2), WAR World Extreme Title, LLA International Title

Peruvian wrestler who arrived to México in summer 2015 to wrestle in Arena Jalisco. Apocalipsis is a very known veteran at his home country, wrestling more recently for LWA promotion.


LWA Maximo Champion
w/Caoz and La Cobra, Peruvian champions
in LWA
LWA Viva Mexico! 2011