1993 Attendance Figures of Various Lucha Shows

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CMLL Shows

Date Arena Atten Main Notes
Arena Coliseo (Mexico City)
01/17 SUN Coliseo 5,000 Pierroth Jr./Jaque Mate/Masakre DQ Pirata Morgan/MS-1/Satanico
01/29 FRI Coliseo 4,000 Black Magic/Pirata Morgan/Fabuloso Blondy b Brazo De Oro/Brazo De Plata/El Brazo
02/05 FRI Coliseo 4,000 El Brazo/El Dandy/Pierroth Jr. b Kahoz/Emilio Charles Jr./Fabuloso Blondy
02/07 SUN Coliseo 5,100 Apolo Dantes/Blue Demon Jr./Triton b Negro Casas/Sangre Chicana/Gran Markus Jr.
Arena Mexico (Mexico City)
02/12 FRI Mexico 9,000 Fabuloso Blondy b El Brazo [hair]

Information taken from the Observer and other sources.