AAA Campeón de Campeones Tournament

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In July 2000, AAA held a one night tournament of champions, to crown a Campeón de Campeones. The championships themselves were not on the line, but the winner would be declared Campeón de Campeones

Particpants and their titles

Hector Garza--
              |Hector Garza--
Espectro Jr.--               |
                             |Hector Garza--
Alebrije------               |              |
              |Abismo Negro--               |
Abismo Negro--                              |
                                            |Hector Garza--
Heavy Metal---                              |              |
              |Heavy Metal---               |              |
Electro Shock-               |              |              |Cibernetico
                             |Heavy Metal---               |
Canek---------               |                             |
              |Pirata Morgan-                Cibernetico---
Pirata Morgan-                               

This tournament is not known to have happened since. Cibernetico has occasionally defended this title, once beating Abismo Negro for his Rey de Reyes crown, but the championship is inactive. Cibernetico is occasionally still list as champion.