Aero Star

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Aero Star
Aero Star
Name Aero Star
Real name unrevealed
Name history
Maestro(s) Gran Apache, Abismo Negro
Birth date, location October 22, 1984 in D.F of Mexico.
Obituary date
Debut, location December 20,2006 in Chilpancingo, Gro.
Lost mask to
Height 169 cm/5' 7"
Weight 68 kg/152 lb
Signature moves


Aero Star (also spelled Aerostar) is a young high flyer, part of Real Fuerza Aérea AAA. Aero Star is distinguishable by his aviator like mask and his suicidal maneuvers. Besides his (sometimes inaccurate) shooting star press, Aero Star has a no hands tope (La Dormilona) and a modified springboard reverse tope, almost a reverse cannibal dive. Aero's protective of his moves, and has accused CMLL wrestlers of stealing from him. Aero's a talented, athletic but still raw wrestler who should keep improving, as long as injuries don't catch up with him.

After training with Abismo Negro for 5 years, Aero Star debuted after the death of Antonio Pena and was promoted as Pena's final creation. His costume was designed by Antonio Pena, Fernando Fuentes and his own dad. His favorite luchadors growing up were Atlantis and Rey Misterio Jr.


at Ovaciones' office
shooting star press