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Name Allie
Real name Laura Dennis
Nicknames The Bomb, Bizomb
Name history Laura, Cherry Bomb, Allie (TNA)
Family Pepper Parks (husband)
Maestro(s) Rob "El Fuego" Etcheverria
Birth date, location September 3, 1987 - London Ontario Canada
Obituary date
Debut, location 2005 Oshowa Ontario Canada
Lost mask to
Height 5'5"/165 cm
Weight 125 lbs/57 kg
Signature moves Anger as Beauty, Superkick, Cherry Popper (sitdown facebuster)
Titles: WSU Championship, CCW Women's Championship, Shimmer Tag Team Championship w/Kimber Lee, Shine Tag Team Championship w/Kimber Lee, PWX Women's Championship, W.I.LD. Championship


Competed in the 2016 Lucha World Cup apart of Team Canada.

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