Americas Light Heavyweight Championship (Guatemala)

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Current Champion (Defunct Championship)

Title defunct.

History of Championship

The Americas Light Heavyweight Championship was brought in Guatemala by Chino Chow in the 80's, Chow lost title with Veloz Tapatio, a year after it Veloz Tapatio lost the belt and the mask in the same match by El Arriero de san juan in a triangular suicida with Fishman (Arriero exposed mask and Centroamerica belt, Veloz Tapatio exposed mask and Americas Light Heavyweight title, Fishman exposed mask and hes UWA World Light Heavyweight title, Fishman become the winner of the triangular suicida)

After that El Arriero de San Juan becomes the eternal champion of the Americas.

Remained champion 4 years, 11 months and three days until it loses it with Atlantis, 4 months later regains the title.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
The Championship was brought in 80's by Chino Chow
1 Chino Chow ? 80's ?
2 Veloz Tapatio Chino Chow 1985.05.12 Guatemala
3 Arriero de San Juan Veloz Tapatio 1986 Guatemala
1 Perro Aguayo 80's Guatemala
2 Starman 80's Guatemala
3 Silverman 80's Guatemala
4 Atlantis Arriero de San Juan 1990.04.04 Guatemala
5 Arriero de San Juan[2] Atlantis 1990.08.?? Guatemala
1 Angel Azteca 1990 Guatemala
2 Dorrell Dixon 1990 Guatemala
6 Corsario II Arriero de San Juan 90's Guatemala
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