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|weight=310 lb/140 kg  
|weight=310 lb/140 kg  
|obituarydate=[[April 12]], [[2016]]
|obituarydate=[[April 12]], [[2016]]
|signatureMoves=[[Over the shoulder sitout scoop slam piledrive|Nutcracker Suite]], [[Camel clutch]]
|signatureMoves=[[Michinoku Driver II|Nutcracker Suite]], [[Camel clutch]], Ball Breaker (Sky High/Rydeen Bomb), [[Legdrop|New Jersey Jam]], Frog Splash
|titles=many non-Mexican championships.  
|titles=many non-Mexican championships.  

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Balls Mahoney
Balls Mahoney
Name Balls Mahoney
Real name Jonathan Rechner
Nicknames "The Hardcore Chair Swingin' Freak"
Name history Boo Bradley, Abbudah Singh, John Rechner, Xanta Klaus, Kahoneys
Maestro(s) Larry Sharpe
Birth date, location April 11, 1972 - Nutley, New Jersey, United States
Obituary date April 12, 2016
Debut, location 1987
Lost mask to
Height 6'2/1.88 m
Weight 310 lb/140 kg
Signature moves Nutcracker Suite, Camel clutch, Ball Breaker (Sky High/Rydeen Bomb), New Jersey Jam, Frog Splash
Titles: many non-Mexican championships.


Hardcore/Extreme wrestler most known for his time in ECW. In 2011 appeared in IWL often teaming with Low Rider in tag matches. In 2014 wrestled Sabu in WWL to crown the first WWL Extreme Champion.