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== Profile ==
== Profile ==
|image=Bengalee champ.jpg
|image=Bengalee gold.jpg
|nicknames=La Gatita Fiera
|nameHistory=Bengalee (current)
|nameHistory=Bengalee (current)
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== Notable Matches ==
== Notable Matches ==
{{SimpleMatch|[[November 4|11/04]]/[[2018|18]]|[[Arena Idolos del Ring]] - Tampico Tamaulipas|'''Bengalee''' won the Sahori Memorial defeating [[Guerrera Negra]] in the finals. Also participated [[Jaibita]], [[Anubis]] [[Reina de Fuego]], and [[Sexy Power]]}}
{{SimpleMatch|[[November 4|11/04]]/[[2018|18]]|[[Arena Idolos del Ring]] - Tampico Tamaulipas|'''Bengalee''' won the Sahori Memorial Cup defeating [[Guerrera Negra]] in the finals. Also participated [[Jaibita]], [[Anubis]] [[Reina de Fuego]], and [[Sexy Power]]}}
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{{Gallery|name=Bengalee white.jpg|caption=}}
{{Gallery|name=Bengalee white.jpg|caption=}}
{{Gallery|name=Bengalee wins 1.jpg|caption=winning Purpura's mask}}
{{Gallery|name=Bengalee wins 1.jpg|caption=winning Purpura's mask}}
{{Gallery|name=Bengalee champ.jpg|caption=}}
[[Category:Mexican wrestlers]]
[[Category:Mexican wrestlers]]
[[category:Female wrestlers]]
[[category:Female wrestlers]]

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Name Bengalee
Real name
Nicknames La Gatita Fiera
Name history Bengalee (current)
Family none
Maestro(s) Mensajero de la Muerte, Baby Lover, Sádico, Principe Orquidea, Peligro
Birth date, location Tampico, Tamaulipas
Obituary date
Debut, location September, 2013 - Gimnasio y Arena LBK con KBW - Tampico, Tamaulipas
Lost mask to
Height 165 cm
Weight 63.5 kg
Signature moves Figure-Four Leg Lock, Medio Cangrejo, Splash
Titles: Copa Juvenil LLF 2017, Lucha Libre MX Women's Championship


Tamaulipas based luchadora since at least 2013. Her fondness for lucha libre began since she was a child. She was the one in her family who watched lucha libre, her parents did not liked it. She enjoyied watching the CMLL. She liked the way people cheered the wrestlers.

Her approach to lucha libre was by a cousin who went to make a photographic session to some wrestlers and she asked them when and where she could train. After two years of preparation, she made her debut in a singles match against Sexy Diablo.

She has wrestled so far in Monterrey, Huejutla, Mexico City, Mexico State, Pachuca, and Guadalajara. Her achievements include the LLF's Copa Juvenil, the MX Women's Championship, and the Sahori Memorial Cup.

Her ring name was inspired by her passion for felines from tigers to cats. She believes that each of them have an unique silhouette and each of them express something different. For her all felines represent majesty, strength, fierce, and intelligence.

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
11/04/18 Arena Idolos del Ring - Tampico Tamaulipas Bengalee won the Sahori Memorial Cup defeating Guerrera Negra in the finals. Also participated Jaibita, Anubis Reina de Fuego, and Sexy Power

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2019/05/12 mask (1) Bengalee Purpura Centro de Espectáculos Corona
(1) Triangular with Cassandra


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Copa Juvenil LLF 2017

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Received 350870772102795.jpeg
Bengalee vs g negra.jpg
as Lucha Libre MX Champion
Bengalee champion mx 1.jpg

Bengalee campeona mx 2.jpg
Bengalee 1st defense.jpg
Winner of the Sahori Memorial Cup
Bengalee Title defense 2.jpg

Bengalee Box y Lucha.jpg
Bengalee Champ MX.jpg
Received 833411843673331.jpeg
Received 398495587395092.jpeg
Bengalee wins.jpg

Bengalee champ Box y Lucha.jpg
Received 2354210884612874.jpeg
Bengalee white.jpg
winning Purpura's mask
Bengalee champ.jpg