CMLL Convencion I

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The new Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre held it's first convention on March 14, 1992 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. This convention appears to have been modeled on the NWA promoters convention, of which EMLL was previously a member.

Promoters/executives listed as intended

Paco Alonso announced there would soon be an interchange of talent with the WWF. Alonso also regular talent sharing with Japan, bringing up Mima Chan, Mari Chan, Iga and Koga.

It's unknown if another convention was held. The CMLL concept was an Antonio Pena idea, but Pena would've been secretly working on forming AAA at this point. (In fact, it's possible he might have talked to some of these promoters about going with him.) The idea of an promotion alliance doesn't appear to be as strong after Pena left the promotion.

Source: article on convention