CMLL World Middleweight Tournament, 1992

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Blue Panther was among the first group of luchadors to join AAA when it started up. Panther was also the CMLL World Middleweight Championship at the time of the jump. CMLL planned to handle this by starting a quick Panther versus Atlantis feud in Arena Mexico on May 15, 1992 as part of a six man, but Panther refused to lose the trios match or continue the feud.

CMLL had been scheduled to host Japanese wrestlers from the SWS promotion in late June, but most of those wrestlers left the SWS promotion for reasons unrelated to CMLL and did not make the trip. CMLL was left with a void in their programs for the month and decided to fill part of it by taking care of the middleweight championship. CMLL announced the middleweight championship was vacant on June 25, and a battle royal would be held that Friday to determine two challengers for the title.

The battle royal was held June 26 in Arena Mexico.

Order of elimination

  1. Guerrero Maya
  2. Aguila Solitaria
  3. Ponzona (by Bestia Salvaje)
  4. Guerrero del Futuro (by Oro)
  5. Plata
  6. Espectro de Ultratumba (by El Dandy)
  7. Espectro Jr.
  8. Oro (by Javier Cruz)
  9. Javier Cruz (by Bestia Salvaje
  10. Kung Fu by (El Dandy & Ringo Mendoza)
  11. Kato Kung Lee (by El Dandy)
  12. Ringo Mendoza (by El Dandy)
  13. Bestia Salvaje (by Ultimo Dragon)
  14. Ultimo Dragon (by Negro Casas)

The final two survivors were Negro Casas and El Dandy. Their title match, on July 3 in the same Arena Mexico, ended with Dandy winning and becoming the second champion.


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