CMLL World Mini Estrella Tournament, 1992

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After EMLL left the NWA and became CMLL in 1991, they created promotion based championships for many weight divisions and teams sizes. Tournaments were held to determine champions in the years following the CMLL name change. The Mini Estrellas champion had not been an NWA title, but was replacing the Mexican National version.

CMLL held a tournament for the new championship at Arena Mexico. The semifinals took place on Febuary 23, and the finals on March 1st. At least four men were involved, and there probably was at least one omitted opening round.

Mascarita Sagrada--
                   |Mascarita Sagrada--
Aguilita Solitaria-                    |
                                       |Mascarita Sagrada--
Espectrito---------                    |

Mascarita Sagrada, the favorite going into the tournament, won the championship. He never lost in the ring, vacating the title a few months later when he left to join the newly formed AAA.