CMLL World Tag Team Tournament, 1997 (1)

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Current CMLL Champions Atlantis and Lizmark were defeated in a title match by the Headhunters, but the Headhunters got themselves disqualified after the final pin for continuing to attack their opponents.

The Headhunters took the physical belts, ignoring the overturn decision, and declared themselves champions. They even defended the belts, but CMLL did not recognize their championship reign. Instead, the championships were declared vacant, and an eight team tournament was held to decide new champions. The first round took place on February 21 @ Arena Mexico and the semi-finals + finals took place on February 28 @ Arena Mexico.

Negro Casas & Black Magic-------------
                                      |Casas & Magic---
Brazos (Oro & Plata)------------------                 |
                                                       |King & Wagner---
Silver King & Dr. Wagner Jr.----------                 |                |
                                      |King & Wagner---                 |
El Dandy & Lizmark--------------------                                  |Dr. Wagner Jr.
                                                                        |Silver King
Dos Caras & Ultimo Dragon-------------                                  |
                                      |Caras & Dragon--                 |
Emilio Charles Jr. & Bestia Salvaje---                 |                |
Headhunters (A & B)-------------------                 |
Rayo de Jalisco Jr. & Atlantis--------

Source: Pro Wrestling History