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Specifically, I'm starting this section because I miss when Box Y Lucha had those pages of covers of the magazine and I'd like the recreate that.

Realistically, I'm creating this because I'd like to scan in some magazines, scanning in whole magazines is very tough (unless I want to spend some real money) but scanning in covers is not that hard and (bonus) I'd know what magazines I have when I'm done.

Usefully, there's not a lot about lucha libre magazines on the internet and we're nearing a point where everyone is going to want to talk about them for a few weeks, and then no one but the most hardcore will be talking about them again. This is something we should start to work on before it becomes very hard to do.

This is my sketch of how this should be sorted out

  • Magazine page (Lucha Libre (magazine) is first, but obviously Box Y Lucha, Super Luchas, Luchas 2000, El Halcon and whatever else we can find. We're looking for this info for each magazine (where known) and I probably should make a template eventual
    • start date
    • end date and/or number of issues (and number of volumes)
    • publisher
    • famous writers & editors
    • any promotional affiliation
    • normal size of the magazine (both the amount of pages, and the actual physical size)
    • any notes about the style of the magazine, reoccurring features, etc.
  • Magazine covers page
    • 50 per page (just so it doesn't take forever to load and isn't overwhelming)
    • I should create some table code that we can keep reusing
    • scans/photos of each cover, link to a detail page on the magazine except
  • Magazine issue page
    • probably no one's ever going to actually fill this in, but one of you lovely people filled in a bunch of the main page blanks so maybe?
    • cover + summary of the magazine contents
    • link to the previous magazine/next magazine/covers page/main page
    • maaaaaaaybe if we're sure the magazine is gone and dead and no one is going to sue us, all the pages in the magazine as pictures, but this is probably a bad idea.

Watch me do about 10% in the next week and then forget about it for six months! --Thecubsfan (talk) 14:57, 26 September 2014 (CDT)