DTU High Performance Tournament, 2010

From Luchawiki

This tournament was held to crown the first ever High Performance Champion into DTU. The final of tournament was performed by Daga, Drastik Boy and Flamita.


Tribal--------------                     |
Ciclope-------------                     |                    |
                    |Eterno--------------                     |
Eterno--------------                                          |
                                         |Drastik Boy---------|Flamita
Daga----------------                                          |
                    |Daga----------------                     |
Lobo Metalico-------                     |                    |
Hormiga-------------                     |


During the event DTU Bipolar realised in November 13, 2010, Drastik Boy advanced automatically to the finals, after Eterno and Hormiga are the losers and practically them be bet hair and mask respectively. In that night search a new wrestler to fight by the title and also search the two wrestlers who starred the "apuestas" match in third anniversary od DTU.