Dama de Hierro (DF)

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Dama de Hierro
Dama de Hierro
Name Dama de Hierro
Real name
Name history Dama de Hierro
Maestro(s) Hijo del Gladiador, Ultimo Guerrero, Picudo
Birth date, location December 30, 1991
Obituary date
Debut, location 2009
Lost mask to
Signature moves

Originally appeared to be a CMLL trainee. She never debuted on a main CMLL show but was sent to REINA to represent the company. La Comandante was also sent around the same time, and had negative but veiled comments about Hierro after they both returned. Disappeared until resurfacing as part of the annual AAA march before TripleMania 2012, apparently with one of the Infernal Rockers. Apparently training with AAA going forward, and appeared on a single episode of AAA Fusion. Still around Mexico and could possible show up at any time - like her one appearance in IWRG to round out the trios - but way down AAA depth chart.