El Androide

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El Androide
El Androide
Name El Androide
Real name Juan Manuel Figueroa
Name history El Androide, La Momia (third version), Dink C (second version)
Birth date, location
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Height 186 cm
Weight 95 kg
Signature moves


The young Juan Manuel Figueroa (aka El Androide, El Olímpico, Cutral-Có) became the third incarnation of la Momia. In 1977 suffered a loss against El Yeti followed by a losing streak. The following year, in televised Titanes en el Ring shows, Karadagian and La Momia had another another bloody match. Titanes returned to TV in 1982 and it was not expected to see La Momia in the roster, however the people wanted La Momia back. The rival to defeat was El Androide and in the end of the season in the Luna Park, La Momia (portrayed by another wrestler) defeated El Androide and he met with Karadagian once more. They had another tie. Karadagian passed away in 1991, his daughter Paulina, continued another return to TV in 1997 with La Momia as its top wretler. There was the possibility to continue a rivalry with another wrestler, Titanbot, but the untimely end of the season could not make it happen. In another short-lived season in 2001 it was said that la Momia was defeated by El Faraon. In the middle of the cycle , La Momia returned to claim his place, but that match did not happen. La Momia was one of favorites of Titanes en el Ring of all time and had generated imitators and people who claim to portray the character. In reality its history had been told multiple times by its real interpreter, Juan Manuel Figueroa in a radio program from Cuadritalero Catch.



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