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{{Gallery|name=SUPERHALCON zpsd7b1e564.jpg|caption=}}
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{{Gallery|name=FB IMG 1497280505062.jpg|caption=}}
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[[Category:Mexican wrestlers|Halcon]]
[[Category:Mexican wrestlers|Halcon]]

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El Halcón (The Hawk)
El Halcón (The Hawk)
Name El Halcón (The Hawk)
Real name José Luis Melchor Ortiz
Nicknames none
Name history Bengala (69 - 70), Argos (70 - 12/71), Danny Ortiz (12/71 - 73), El Halcón (73 - 78), Halcón Ortiz (07/77 - 06/84), Horus/Super Halcón (06/84 - )
Family Super Halcón Jr. (son)
Maestro(s) César del Rio Gil, Ángel Negro, Pedro Nieves
Birth date, location July 23, 1947 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location 1968 - Cancha San Pedro - Puebla, Puebla
Lost mask to Mil Máscaras (July 26, 1977 in Mexico, 1978 in Japan) as Halcón
Height 5'10"/179 cms
Weight 231 lbs/105 kg
Signature moves Dandina (La Magistral), Running Tope Suicida, Flying elbowdrop
Titles: Arena Mexico Tag Team Titles (w/ El Solitario), National Heavyweight Title (5, three times as Halcón, once as Halcón Ortiz, once as Super Halcón), Northern Tag Team Titles (w/ Ciclón Veloz Jr.), NWA Americas Tag Team Titles (w/ Chavo Guerrero), World Class/Texas: NWA American Tag Team Titles (4, w/ Jose Lothario three times, w/ Kerry Von Erich), World Class: NWA American Heavyweight Title, WWA World Heavyweight Title (as Super Halcón), Mexican National Tag Team Championship (w/Falcón)

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Super Halcón El Macho I unknown
1975/05/01 masks Dr. Wagner & El Halcón Los Gemelos Diablo Plaza Mexico - México City
1975/11/07 hair Halcón Ortiz Raul Reyes Arena Mexico
1977/07/29 mask Mil Máscaras El Halcón Arena México - Mexico City
1977/12/02 hair Halcón Ortiz Herodes Arena México - Mexico City
1978/09/13 mask Mil Máscaras El Halcón Japan
1979/03/02 hair Halcón Ortiz Pak Choo Arena México - Mexico City
1981/06/12 hair Halcón Ortiz Adorable Rubí Arena México - Mexico City
1981/06/26 hair Alfonso Dantés Halcón Ortiz Arena México - Mexico City
1981/09/23 hair Halcón Ortiz Herodes Arena México - Mexico City
1982/04/30 hair Halcón Ortiz Tony Benetto Arena México - Mexico City
1982/06/18 hair Halcón Ortiz Adorable Rubí Arena México - Mexico City
1983/11/28 hair Halcón Ortiz Tony Benetto Arena México - Mexico City
1984/04/08 hair Halcón Ortiz Pirata Morgan Arena México - Mexico City
1984/06/15 hair Cien Caras Halcón Ortíz Arena México - Mexico City
1989/04/23 mask Rayo de Jalisco Jr. Super Halcón Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
1990/11/04 hair El Macho I Super Halcón Pista Arena Revolución - Mexico City


Halcón Ortiz
Super Halcón
Super Halcon
Super Halcón

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