El Moro (California)

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El Moro
El Moro
Name El Moro
Real name Jesus Torres
Name history El Moro, El Fugitivo
Family Capitán Oro, Super Boy, Príncipe Hindú (sons)
Birth date, location
Obituary date unknown
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Signature moves


He was known for being so agile and jumping off the top rope even though he was heavy. Began wrestling in Guadalajara and promoting in the 60’s was known for standing up for the locals. Would sit down and watch every match give the guys pointers after their match.

Rented a space joined with Gils Garage and would do bodywork on cars. A very liked as a matchmaker, known for filling the venue. Was the first person to set up a fund for injured Luchadores. El Moro was one of the founding fathers of lucha libre in Los Angeles,CA. El Moro is remembered by his kindness and willingness to help anybody. El Moro has the largest dynasty in Los Angeles lucha libre Capitan Oro, Principe Indu, Super Boy Sons and Grandsons Superboy Jr Principe Indu Jr and Legacy.


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Al Murrieta El Moro El Mongol"
Moro and Bill Anderson