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{{aline|[[2011]]/[[03/18]]|hairs|[[El Terrible]] & [[Texano Jr.]]|[[Brazo de Plata]] & [[Máximo]]|[[Arena Mexico]]}}
{{aline|[[2011]]/[[03/18]]|hairs|[[El Terrible]] & [[Texano Jr.]]|[[Brazo de Plata]] & [[Máximo]]|[[Arena Mexico]]}}
{{aline|[[2013]]/[[09/14]]|hair|[[Rush]]|El Terrible|[[Arena Mexico]] - [[Mexico City]], [[Distrito Federal]]}}
{{aline|[[2013]]/[[09/14]]|hair|[[Rush]]|El Terrible|[[Arena Mexico]] - [[Mexico City]], [[Distrito Federal]]}}
{{aline|[[2015]]/[[03/20]]|hairs|[[Máximo]] & [[Volador Jr.]]|[[El Terrible]] & [[Rey Bucanero]]|[[Arena Mexico]]}}
{{aend|<b>(1)</b> Cage match with Shocker, Mágica, Scorpio & Charles}}
{{aend|<b>(1)</b> Cage match with Shocker, Mágica, Scorpio & Charles}}

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El Terrible
El Terrible
Name El Terrible
Real name Damián Gutiérrez Hernández
Nicknames El Renegado (The Renegade)
Name history Dragon Fighter (1998), Engendro del Mal (Monterrey, debut - 10/02), Engendro (IWRG, ?? - 10/02), Damián El Terrible (10/02 - ???), El Terrible (??? - )
Maestro(s) Relámpago Ramírez, Viento Negro, Shu el Guerrero, Satánico
Birth date, location April 17, 1976 - Monterrey, Nuevo León [1]
Obituary date
Debut, location February 22, 1995 [2], Arena Mi Ranchito, Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon
Lost mask to Lifted voluntarily after changing gimmick
Height 6'1"/185 cms
Weight 231 lbs/105 kg
Signature moves La Terriblina (Styles Clash?), Power Bomb, Lariat, Flying Splash
Titles: Distrito Federal Trios Championship (w/ Hijo del Diablo & Bombero Infernal), CMLL World Trios Titles (w/ Héctor Garza & Tarzan Boy), Occidente Tag Team Titles (w/ Texano Jr), 6th Annual Leyenda Azul Tournament, CMLL World Heavyweight Championship, 2012 Gran Alternativa (w/Euforia), CMLL World Tag Team Titles (w/Tama Tonga), Parajes Increíbles 2015 (w/Maximo)


Terrible is a uppercard rudo. Depending on who and when you ask, he's either a member of Perros del Mal or just an associate of the group who likes wearing their shirts. Terrible's probably below average as a worker, but has the size and a look that'll get him many opportunities, in case one clicks.

Terrible came to the CMLL Mexico City as part of the first Guapos U class. He was pushed strong in the group from the beginning, being part of the first match, and separated from the other new faces by being a bit of a rudo. Terrible was the ultimate winner of the first Guapos U, and became part of the Guapos trios with Shocker and Mascara Magica. With their help, he beat Bestia Salvaje for hair, and teamed with Perro Aguayo Jr. to take Mascara Ano 2000 and Cien Caras's hair.

Soon after, with the Guapos running a second Guapos U, Terrible gave into his rudo side and turned on Shocker and Mascara Magica. Terrible beat Magica for his hair, and they teased a ultimate match with Shocker. It was a match neither man could afford to lose, so the promotion never got around to it.

Terrible floating around on the rudo side after the Guapos feud. He filled in as an associate partner for Familia de Tijuana on occasion, but didn't really find a home till he teamed up with Perros del Mal.

With Magica mostly out of action and a rudo and Shocker in AAA, Terrible doesn't really have any feuds of his own. Terrible will help out with the Perros, he's still around the semimain level, but doesn't have any personal momentum.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Engendro del Mal Ruddy Camaleón unknown
1998/??/?? mask Centella Dragon Fighter Arena Jalisco - Guadalajara, Jalisco
2003/08/01 hair (1) El Terrible Bestia Salvaje Arena México - Mexico City
2004/03/19 hairs Perro Aguayo Jr. & El Terrible Cien Caras & Máscara Año 2000 Arena México - Mexico City
2004/04/30 hair El Terrible Máscara Mágica Arena México - Mexico City
2009/12/04 hairs El Terrible & Texano Jr. Tetsuya Naito & Yujiro Arena Mexico
2011/03/18 hairs El Terrible & Texano Jr. Brazo de Plata & Máximo Arena Mexico
2013/09/14 hair Rush El Terrible Arena Mexico - Mexico City, Distrito Federal
2015/03/20 hairs Máximo & Volador Jr. El Terrible & Rey Bucanero Arena Mexico
(1) Cage match with Shocker, Mágica, Scorpio & Charles
  1. Box Y Lucha 2932, 7/27/09
  2. Cadena3, Box Y Lucha 2932, 7/27/09


on right as El Engendro
After advancing to the final of CMLL Torneo de Parejas Incredibles semifinal with Rush


Terrible . Rey Bucanero . Tiger
Former: Texano Jr.