Empresa Arena Nacionalista

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Empresa Arena Nacionalista, is a professional wrestling promotion in Mexicali, Baja California. It was founded in 1989 by Manuel Hernandez and his sons and currently promoted by Príncipe Negro and run their events in Arena Nacionalista.


Official Site

Arena Nacionalista Mexicali

Empresa Arena Nacionalista
Promoter: Príncipe Negro
Arena Champions: Nacionalista (Genio del Aire), Rey del Aire (Ryan Kidd), Women's (Aira)
Baja California Champions: Women's (Princesa Hernández), Lightweight (Skalibur), Welterweight (Genio Del Aire), Middleweight (Mr. Tempest), Extreme (Voltron)
Inactive: Lightheavyweight, Heavyweight, Tag Team, Trios, Mini Tag Team
Pacific Coast Champions: Supreme: (Centurión), Tag Team (Humilde & Humilde Jr.)
Foreign Titles: IC Heavyweight (Guerrero Rojo), International: (Aira)