Gato Eveready (disambiguation)

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Gato Eveready is an AAA gimmick that has been used by at least two men.

  • The First Gato Eveready: Unknown who was originally under the mask from the gimmick's debut in early 2008 until April of the same year. Speculation that he was Némesis is likely incorrect since the original Gato Eveready was much taller and not very athletic.
  • The Second Gato Eveready: The second and more famous Gato Eveready who took over the gimmick on April 16, 2008. He was the former Spice Boy Jimmy and Barrio Boy Alan. In 2011 he was renamed El Gato after Eveready dropped its sponsorship of AAA. In March 2011, El Gato was regimmicked to Drago.