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Guapos refers to a lucha faction which has operated in both CMLL and AAA. Members of the group consider themselves handsome ladies men (sometime very erroneously.)

The initial Guapos started teaming together in CMLL around 2001, and existed in various configurations until Shocker's jump to AAA. The Guapos were reformed there as Guapos Universidad in 2005, and are currently still a unit there, though Shocker has left the promtoion.. Current members are Scorpio Jr. (leader), Alan Stone, Zumbido and Hator (the first completely new member since joining AAA.)

Guapos Membership


Shocker loses his mask to Mr. Niebla, but declares he's okay with having his face uncovered, because he's Guapo. That starts him on the new gimmick, and leads to the rudo group.

version 1

Zumbido was invited to join but got hurt before he did

Shocker is busy with the Super Js, so the other two members bring in a member Shocker didn't want...

version 1.5

Shocker eventually leaves the group and beats Emilio in a hair match.

version 2

Guapos emilio bestia scorpio.jpg

Los Guapos find God (Allah in this case) and become Los Tailbanes. Shocker takes the name back.

version 3

Terrible turns on Magica and Shocker.

version 4

Teamed up only rarely on television. Shocker leaving CMLL ended the group there, but he eventually restarted it in AAA.

version 5


Los Guapos VIP

Estrella Dorada Jr. was mentioned as a possible member, but left AAA before anything came of it.

version 5.5

Shocker jumps back to CMLL. He's replaced in the group by Hator, but Scorpio Jr. takes over leadership. Emilio Charles Jr., wrestling for CMLL at the time, is mentioned as a possible addition. Likewise, Zumbido is mentioned as a jumper back to CMLL, but still appears with the gorup.