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Everything wiki-wise covered here is described on mediawiki's editing help page, usually in greater detail.

How to make a new page

New pages are created by creating a link for them, and a link is created by putting a pair of brackets - [[ and ]] - around the name of the page.

[[Chamaco Valaguez Jr.]]

becomes Chamaco Valaguez Jr.

If you're using the default set up (and you probably are!), links to pages which haven't been created are colored RED. Clicking on them takes you to the edit screen for the page, and you can immediatly create the content for the webpage.

How to use the profile template

All our wrestler bios use the same template, as set up elsewhere in the wiki. If you're adding a new wrestler and want to use it, just copy below and paste it in the new page


Enter each field's information after the = sign.

Please remember a few pointers

  • We do not include real names for those wrestlers who are masked and have not revealed the real name.
  • You don't need to fill out every field. Leave it blank if it doesn't fit or you don't know it.
  • Don't forget to [[link]] moves, titles, hometowns and other wrestlers, so the profile is better connected.

How To Upload A Picture