Hombre Bala

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Hombre Bala
Hombre Bala
Name Hombre Bala
Real name Aurelio Ortiz Villavicencio
Name history Chamaco Ortiz, Rey Pirata, Hombre Bala, Cromagnon, Cavernícola II, Pirata Negro, Fantasma De La Opera (AAA, 2/6/01), the Monsther (2001-2010)(pronounced as "Monster")
Family India Sioux 0 (wife), India Sioux (daughter), La Marquesa, Pirata Morgan, Verdugo (brothers), Hombre Bala Jr., Corsario (sons); see: Pirata Family for more
Maestro(s) Caballero Tigre
Birth date, location June 30, 1953
Obituary date
Debut, location November 29, 1970
Lost mask to Dr. O'Borman (as Rey Pirata)

Atlantis - December 5, 1986, Arena Mexico (as Hombre Bala - first time)

Robotman - December 18, 2000, Auditorio Tizayuca - Tizayuca, Hidalgo (as Pirata Negro)
Height 180 cm/5'11"
Weight 125 kgs/ 276 lbs
Signature moves
Titles: Mexican National Trios Championship (w/Pirata Morgan & Jerry Estrada

A man of many names. Hombre Bala might have been the most famous, but his current character of Monsther is either close or better. That gimmick was a creation of AAA, where he worked as a midcard comedy rudo (teaming with Chucky, feuding with Alebrije and Cuije) for many years. Left AAA in 2008 and works as independent.

As he's a wrestler putting a mask back on after losing it (repeatedly), it's rarely publicly acknowledged that Monsther is the same man as Hombre Bala or Rey Pirata. His children are mentioned as sons and daugther of Hombre Bala (and he made a television appearance with them as Hombre Bala), but there's no connection made to Monsther.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Bestia Magnífica Chamaco Ortiz unknown
??/??/?? mask Bestia Magnífica Rey Pirata unknown
??/??/?? hair Dr. O'Borman Chamaco Ortiz unknown
73/05/06 hair Chamaco Ortiz Killer Millán Arena Bravo - Mexico City
79/05/26 hair Satánico Chamaco Ortiz Pista Arena Revolución - Mexico City
79/12/04 hair Sangre India Chamaco Ortiz Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
82/06/02 mask Hombre Bala Magnum unknown
83/05/29 hair Hombre Bala Gorila Infernal Arena Puebla - Puebla, Puebla
86/12/05 mask Atlantis Hombre Bala Arena México - Mexico City
87/08/?? hair El Dandy Hombre Bala unknown
89/06/30 hair Javier Cruz Hombre Bala Arena México - Mexico City
89/11/17 hairs Brazo de Plata & El Brazo Verdugo & Hombre Bala Arena México - Mexico City
90/10/28 hair Mogur Hombre Bala Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
93/05/30 hair Corazón de León Cromagnon Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
94/12/15 hair Ringo Mendoza Hombre Bala Pista Arena Revolucion
96/02/02 hair (1) Mr. Niebla Cavernícola II Arena Naucalpan - Naucalpan, Mexico State
98/02/15 hair Hombre Bala Gran Misterio Xalostoc, Mexico State
99/03/22 mask Atlantis Rey Pirata Domo de la Feria - León, Guanajuato
2000/03/26 mask Justiciero Rey Pirata Bazar Coacalco - Coacalco, Mexico State
00/12/18 mask (2) Robotman Pirata Negro Auditorio Tizayuca - Tizayuca, Hidalgo
04/10/22 hair (3) The Monster Alebrije Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
09/07/01 hair (4) Villano IV Hombre Bala Arena Lopez Mateos - Mexico City
(1) Finals of a campal de la muerte; (2) Relevos Suicidas vs. Salsero/Anticristo; (3) Hair vs. Hair between masked wrestlers; (4) Cage match with Ringo Mendoza, Dos Caras, Universo 2000, Brazo de Oro


as Cro-Magnon
Hombre Bala
Hombre Bala
as Rey Pirata
as Rey Pirata

as Fantasma De La Opera