Kato El Gran Ninja Blanco

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Kato El Gran Ninja Blanco
Kato El Gran Ninja Blanco
Name Kato El Gran Ninja Blanco
Real name Hugo Quiril
Name history El Pibe 10 (1983), La Hormiga Negra, La Araña, Shuto Omori el Maestro Marcial, Kato El Gran Ninja Blanco
Family Diva Ramos (wife)
Maestro(s) William Boo
Birth date, location February 9, 1963 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Obituary date
Debut, location 1983
Lost mask to
Height 5'9"/175 cms
Weight 187 lbs/85 kg
Signature moves Plancha Suicida


Hugo Quiril entered at a very young age at Titanes en el Ring recommended to Martin Karadagian by the popular El Ancho Rubén Peucelle. José María Fernández left the Pibe 10 persona on 1982, a very successful gimmick on that year. Hugo was the new Pibe 10 '83. The first Pibe 10 went to the ring with women dancers, while the 83 version entrance was with girls. Among those girls was Paulina Karadagian (Martin's daughter). He added his martial arts skills to his wrestling style. One of his most difficult moments in his career was in a match against Pirata Morgan in a botched plancha suicida, he hit his head agaisnt the floor.

By 1988, he went to Lucha Fuerte under the gimmick that he personified for most of his career, Kato El Gran Ninja Blanco. The ninja persona caused sensation and became one of the main draws in Lucha Fuerte. He had his own merchandising: his action figure and toys. After Lucha Fuerte, he continued in Super Catch by 1990, and he still was a main eventer when the promotion to Paraguay. In 1992, Quiril joined to the cast of the telecomedy with military theme "Brigada Cola", playing Brigacop an Argentinean version of Robocop.

He made his return as Kato on 1993, as the face of Lucha Mundial then known as Lucha Total (1995). Besides of his role as wrestler, he had major creative responsibilities as technical director and coordinator. He applied all that experience to found his own wrestling school, he trained stunts, worked as actor, stunts director for action scenes for theater, films, and television shows.

Always related to lucha libre and he made a comeback once again this time with 100% Lucha (2006), as Shuto Omori, a martial artist (a very similar gimmick to the one Kato). In his short stint he built a violent feud with the Scotish Mc Floyd, which led to epic matches. In 2010 he made his return to 100% bringing eight women wrestlers trained by him including his wife, Diva Ramos. He has been promoter of Gran Lucha, where he reunited wrestlers from different generations, such as. Vicente Viloni, La Momia, Gorutta Jones, Babosón, among others.

Without a doubt, Kato el Ninja Blanco is one of the maximum exponents Argentinean wrestling and a longtime idol.



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