La Nueva Ola Blanca

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La Nueva Ola Blanca (The New White Wave) was patterned after the original Ola Blanca in 1991. The original La Nueva Ola Blanca was made up of Angel Blanco, Dr. Wagner and El Enfermero, before El Solitario replaced Enfermero. Multiple wrestlers wrestled with various members of La Nueva Ola Blanca and it is unclear who was an official member or was not an official member at times. The members of the group all wore white as part of the gimmick.


The first version featured:

It appears that Gran Markus Jr. was not an original member of the group, though was later more active with the group than official members. El Hijo Del Gladiador also appeared with the group at times. The group did not appear to make much headway and a new version of La Nueva Ola Blanca appeared in CMLL in the 1990's.


The members of the second iteration of La Nueva Ola Blanca were:

The version only lasted a few months before they were disbanded in 1998.

A new version of the trio was formed in the 2000's.


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