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* [[Hijo de Tirantes]]
* [[Hijo de Tirantes]]
=== current [[Los Maniacos|Maniacos members]] ===
=== current [[Los Maniacos|Maniacos]] members ===
* [[Electro Shock]]  
* [[Electro Shock]]  
* [[Silver King]]
* [[Silver King]]

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La Sociedad is an AAA stable that debuted in the summer 2010 similar to LLL. It is a umbrella group containing the combination of Legión Extranjera, Los Maniacos, The Militia and Perros del Mal, as well as occasionally unaligned rudos. Dorian Roldan is the leader of the group, though Konnan is portrayed as manipulating Dorian to his own ends.

Members of La Sociedad

current Legion members

current Maniacos members

current Militia members

current Perros members

La Sociedad
Dorian Roldan
La Legión Extranjera: Konnan - Chessman - Sexi Star - Hijo del Tirantes
TNA: Jeff Jarrett
Perros del Mal: Perro Aguayo Jr. - Daga - Taya Valkyrie