Los Hellbrothers

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Los Hellbrothers was a stable that was announced in November 2006 by Cibernetico. It's a tecnico group, set on getting revenge on La Secta for turning on them. The group consisted of:

In 2007 they feuded mostly with La Secta and Konnan's foreign legion. However in 2008 after Charly Manson went down with injury and Vampiro was added as a psedo-member due to his issues with El Mesias. Slowly the long-time ties between Cibernetico and Chessman began to unwind through out the summer. It came to a head in September when they were in a AAA world title match at Guerre de Titanes and Chessman became a full fledged rudo.

New Lineup

Hell-brothers 2014.jpg

In September 2014, Cibernetico reformed Los Hellbrothers with Chessman & new member Averno.