La Maniarquia

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Los Maniarquia took the place of Los Maniacos in La Sociedad. When Los Maniacos joined Sociedad in the summer of 2010, their leader Electro Shock did not join unlike stablemates Silver Cain and Ultimo Gladiador. At the end of 2010, Electro Shock declined membership, he was thrown out of the group. In 2011, unaligned La Sociedad member Chessman joined with Cain and Gladiador under the name Los Maniarquia.

In September 2011, Konnan ended Maniarquia by having Chessman join La Legion Extranjera and adding Milicia member Decnis to Los Maniacos. Chessman continued to team with Silver Kain and Gladiador as Maniarquia but he shifted his focus to teaming with TNA talent as a part of the Legion until eventually leaving to reform Los Hellbrothers. Silver Cain joined El Consejo.

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