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Name LuFisto
Real name Genny Goulet
Nicknames "First Lady of Hardcore", "Super Hardcore Anime"
Name history Lucifer (debut - 97), Lucy Fer (97 - 99), Precious Lucy (99 - 8/03), LuFisto (8/03 -)
Family none
Maestro(s) Pierre Marchessault, Patrick Lewisin, Len Shelley
Birth date, location February 15, 1980 - Sorel, Quebec, Canada
Obituary date
Debut, location June 23, 1997- Sorel, Quebec, Canada
Lost mask to
Height 5'3"/160 cms
Weight 135 lbs/63 kg
Signature moves Reverse Kryptonite Crunch, Sharpshooter, Flying Headbutt
Titles: LLF Extreme Title, POP Women's Title; many other non-Mexican championships

Early wrestled in LLF and NGX in Monterrey, after she leaved Mexico until returned in 2012 to join Lucha POP, where defeated Vaquerita to win the POP Women's Championship. Also wrestled AULL in 2012. Made her AAA debut in 2013 as part of a AAA Reina de Reinas title tournament leading to Rey de Reyes, 2013. Was expected to return later in the year, but was injured elsewhere and it's unclear when/if she'll be back in Mexico.


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