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Lucha Television Information: A listing of where and when lucha wrestling shows air.


Both AAA and CMLL air on the Televisa family of channels. On National Channel 9 (also known as Galavision), CMLL airs on Saturdays afternoon, and AAA airs on Sunday afternoon, but exact times vary depending on the week.

IWRG airs on the AYM Sports network, out of Juarez, Sundays at 11am.

Since late '05, CMLL also airs on Canal 52. Check the listing in the United States section for more information.

United States


CMLL and AAA may air on Galavision (US), which is owned by Univision. In the past, Galavision would combine and compact both promotion's shows into a two or three hour timeslot. In the last year, they've instead just show one promotion or the other (usually CMLL), though cuts are still sometimes made to allow for US length commerical breaks.

Currently, only AAA is airing on the network. They've expanded the usual timeslots to 3 hours to get around having to cut the episodes up to fit the old 2 hours slot. There's no word when CMLL might air again, and there was no word that only AAA would air before it did.

In early 2003, Galavision stopped airing new episodes of CMLL and AAA due to a contract dispute. The sides were eventually able to come to an agreement in June of 2003, but Galavision opted to start airing episodes on a two month delay. (The US broadcasts were previously only two weeks behind Mexico.) Since this time, the delay has grown to over three months.

On normal weeks, lucha airs three times during the weekend. There are two airings of "Lucha Libre", once on Saturday at 2pm EST, and once again early Sunday morning at 3am. On Sunday afternoon at 2pm, "Lucha de Vuelta" airs, which is a rerun of "Lucha Libre" from weeks prior. All shows are typically two hours long. Starting time and length can vary from week to week due to other programming commitments (usually Mexican futbol coverage), and it varies enough that it's worth checking the listings each week.

Galavision's site is Depending on your cable provider and area, Galavision (listed as GALA) may be part of your normal digital channels, a special Spanish language tier or be unavailable at all. Galavision is available on both DirectTV and DishNetwork.

CAN52MX/Canal 52/Multivision

Since late '05, CMLL has started to air a Guerreros del Ring (GdR) on Canal 52MX. This station is avaiable in both the United States and Mexico, though it's non-GdR programming lineup varies depending on the country.

Guerreros del Ring is a one hour show, typically airing the two matches from the Sunday Arena Coliseo show (6 days after). It airs in both Mexico and the United States on Saturday at 8:30am and Sunday at 9:30am, and only in the United States at 8:00pm. (All times Eastern.)

CAN52MX's website is CAN52MX is only available on Comcast Digital cable systems in the US, and may be part of a Spanish language package.

Fox Sports en Espanol

Starting August 13, 2006, FSE has started airing an hour of "Lucha Libre on Fox Sports." FSE is available in both US and Mexico. Programming varies by country, but LLFS is on both channels.

Lucha Libre on Fox Sports is additonal hour from the Sunday Arena Coliseo tapings (7 days after), showcasing two matches which were previously unaired. Currently, the show airs on Sunday evenings. The start time can vary (usually between 6 and 8pm EST), and the show is 1 hour in length.

In the past, a show featuring WWA lucha from Tijuana has aired on Fox Sports en Espanol. and is scheduled to appear on again on 0ctober 1,2006,-source comcast Televisa - sorta

Residents of Southern California have been known to be able to receive the over the air signal from the Tijuana Televisa affiliate (Channel 12 - XEWT). However, they often cut off the CMLL lucha show after the first hour. Sometimes you get the first hour of the show, sometimes the last hour, just depends. The show had been airing steadily the past few weeks but is now one week behind after they skipped a week. Its airing depends on if there's any big futbol game or not on Saturdays. IF it airs its at 6pm.

Teléfe Internacional

See the Argentina entry for more information.


CMLL aired on UK's the Wrestling Channel in '04, but are not currently airing on the network.

CMLL currently airs on Galavision Europe, but it is only available in Spain through the Canal Satélite Digital provider.


A shortened version of the Televisa CMLL show airs on the Samurai Network. The opening match is cut to shorten the program down to 90 minutes. Check their website for more information on dates and times.

Two hour AAA episodes air on the Gaora TV Network. Check their website for more information on dates and times.


A show called "100% Lucha" airs on Teléfe Internacional. It appears to resemble the old Titanes en el Ring shows, with the focus more on outlandish characters than the matches themselves (which are vaguely lucha style.) This channel is also avaliable on DirecTV in the US, where the show listed as "Cien por Ciento Lucha".