Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Championship

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The Gift of the Gods Championship is a Lucha Underground championship. The holder of the championship is entitled to a match for the Lucha Underground Championship whenever they want, though they must give advance notice. The belt is defended as a normal championship up until the title challenge and relinquished in exchange for the championship.

Whenever the championship is vacant, a new champion is determined by a two stage process

  • seven Aztec Medallions are distributed to luchadors over an (undefined) period of time
  • once all seven are handed out, those in possession of the Medallions face off in a one fall match to determine the new champion

The Medallions are usually awarded to winners of designated matches, but have also been handed out by the ownership. The Medallions can be defended in matches and stripped for not appearing. The seven Medallions magnetically attach to the Gift of the Gods belt, and stay with the belt until the champion gets his title match. The Medallions are then removed from the belt and the process repeats itself.

The first 'cycle' of this championship had only been half completed by the end of Season 1. Fenix won the championship on Ultima Lucha, but had not cashed in yet.

Current Champion

King Cuerno defeated Fénix to win the championship on the Season 2 premiere episode of Lucha Underground.

History of Championship

Championship apart of Lucha Underground.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
Winners of the 7 Aztec Medallions face off in single fall match to determine champion
1 Fénix (AAA) King Cuerno, Big Ryck, Aerostar, Sexy Star, Bengala, & Jack Evans 2015.04.19 Lucha Underground Temple - Los Angeles, California
2 King Cuerno Fénix 2016].01.27 Lucha Underground Temple - Los Angeles, California
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


Medallion Winners

Cycle Medallion Winners GotG Holder Title Match Result?
first Fenix
Jack Evans
King Cuerno
Sexy Star
Big Ryck
Not Yet
  1. won a seven watch match, stripped of the medallion on episode 37 but won it back soon after on episode 37
  2. defeated Argenis
  3. won a four way match
  4. defeated Delavar Daivari
  5. defeated Killshot
  6. defeated Super Fly; retained title over Marty Martinez
  7. given Medallion by Dario Cueto

Gallery of Champions