Luchawiki:November 09 feature additions

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I've tweaked a few bits on the website, added a couple of extra abilities, and pulled over some new templates. As always, you don't have to use any of this stuff, but I want ot make sure you know it's there.

  • YouTube Videos Can Now Be Posted In Pages

The tag looks like this:

Service is the name of the site you're pulling the video from. It has to exactly match one of these choices
ID' is the ID of the video. It's the long string of letters or numbers and the end of the page name, that specify which file it is.
On the Rey Cometa Dive video, the page is , so the ID is PUghFNMYwIE

The tag for that video would look like {{#ev:youtube|PUghFNMYwIE }}, and works like this:

More info can be found here.

  • Citations can be added to a page

There are two tags being used:

<ref></ref> - used to place a cite
<references/> - used to show all the cites at the end of the page

The citation should go inside the <ref></ref> tags, 
all pages that use those tags must have a <references/> tag to list the cites.

You can see these tags in use on the Los Bizarros page. No one's required to use these tags, but it's awful helpful to backtrack when we get conflicting information, and it's nice to give people credit for doing work (so it might get them to doing more.)

  • Easier Tournament Templates

Instead of hand spacing out ASCII formatted brackets, I've grabbed standard templates to use for 8 wrestler/team and 16 wrestler/team templates. They can be found in the new Category:Tournament Templates, where I'll add other size tournaments if and when necessarily. Instructions are on each template's talk pages.

I do not plan on changing the existing brackets to this format, with the possible exception of pages where we have many years of tournaments on the same page. It should be easier for anyone to make and add to a page, and all new tournaments should be done with these templates.

  • Team/Unit Templates

I've been adding team/group templates to the Active Group pages, for groups that are high visible and team up enough to be worth the effort. I actually did the first one a long time ago for Los Villanos, and I liked how it looked.

I'm still messing around with what how to make them work, and do not have documentation for how to make them work for everyone, but I suggest checking out places where I've already done them (like Template:HijosDelAverno) to see the template code for both the table, and the code to make the links show up in specific colors.

  • Other Projects

I've been messing around with a bot (program) which would take the first picture from every page in a category, put it all on one page in a photobook style, and update the page by itself daily. I think it'd be helpful for all those occasions where you can remember a face (or mask) but not a name. Same thing for moves. Haven't gotten it to work right, or work on it's own as of yet.

Still need to work on updating profiles. Still need to work on an easier way of keeping track of updated profiles.