Lupe Zárate

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Lupe Zárate
Lupe Zárate
Name Lupe Zárate
Real name Guadalupe Zárate
Nicknames "La Maravilla Sin Brazos" (The Armless Wonder)
Name history Lupe Zárate
Birth date, location ? - Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua
Obituary date ?
Debut, location 1930s
Lost mask to
Signature moves a variety of kicks.


During 1930s a Ciudad Juárez born wrestler who resided in the United States named Lupe Zárate “The Armless Wonder” he had amputated both arms at the shoulders' level.

The Lucha Libre represented him a way of life. After a successful season in the United States, he decided to go back to his home country. On October 7, 1936 he made his first presentation in Mexico at Arena Peralvillo, he went one on one against Lobo Negro, the crowd was amazed by the high quality match of that night. The people threw money on the ring. The total amount of money thrown was more than $90, Mexican pesos, nor wrestlers or boxers earned that amount.

Lupe's physical limitations made him a brave person, he never felt intimidated by adversities. He asked Salvador Lutteroth for an opportunity at Arena México, that was his dream. In the beginning, Lutteroth did not believe Lupe could be a good draw, but Lupe insisted and convinced Lutteroth. Om October 11, 1936 he showed up at the old Arena Mexico on the second match against Bobby Bonales. Lupe Zárate won by disqualification and the crowd threw money in the ring earning another considerable amount of money.

In despite of not having arms, he kicked reqlly hard, and he was able to getting up quickly with no effort and he was very skilled. He had two more presentations at Arena Peralvillo on October 14 and 21 against Juan Saiza and Bobby Bonales respectively. On October 25, he had another match at the old Arena México versus Simplicio “Loco” Hernández. However, he never knew that would be his last match at Arena Mexico, because on the following Tuesday the Oficina de Espectáculos del Departamento del Distrito Federal sent to EMLL a notice which prohibited Lupe Zárate to get booked arguing the physical disability of the wrestler. After that there are no more records of “La Maravilla sin Brazos”.