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Even though he was the NWA World Light Heavyweight champion at the time, Ray Mendoza was very unhappy about life in the EMLL for him and, especially for his sons (Villanos I, II and III), who he thought the promoters weren't pushing enough. He felt that there was an uncertain future under the new powers-to-be, so he, his sons and his best friends Karloff Lagarde and René Guajardo gave notice. They got in touch with Francisco Flores, a former EMLL minor arena promoter that severed his ties with La Empresa when they didn't send him whoever he wanted and didn't let him run things "his way". So on January 16, 1975, a clean break was made and with the money backing of Flores and Benjamín Mora Jr. (long time second generation Baja California promoter), a new federation was born. The new corporation was listed as "La Alianza de la Lucha Libre Internacional, S. C.", but the name was eventually changed to "Lucha Libre Internacional, S. C." when Mora's part of the company was bought out. The belts were called UWA (Universal Wrestling Association), which is the name mostly used to refer to the company outside Mexico. The promotion's first card was on January 29.

Mendoza and friends were in charge of the talent acquisitions and got a really important part of the big EMLL names to jump, plus acted as scouts in order to sign some of the hottest independent talent around. This had not been the first time that Lutteroth had had competition, but for the first time ever, this competition was seriously strong and threatening.

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Wrestlers: Christie Ricci, Katsushi Takemura, LuFisto, Simply Luscious, Herodes, Mach Hayato, Takasugi, Antonio Inoki

Moves: Asai Moonsault into opponent's feet, Asai Moonsault(inside ring), Asai Moonsault(outside the ring), Assisted Cutter, Assisted Faceslam, Assisted Plancha, Boston Crab, Bullet tope suicida, Cangrejo, Corkscrew Bodyblock, Corner Headstand, Corner Tope Suicida, Cristo Invertido, Double dropkick, Double team facebuster, Double Underhook Facebuster, Double Underhook Sitout Facebuster, El Nudo Lagunero, Enzuigiri, Faking low blows, Flying Armdrag, Gorilla Press, Guerrero Special, Handspring Blind Tope, La Careta, La Lanza, La Montana, La Silla, Low Blow, Media Cerrajera, Jumping Blind Tope, Plancha, Plancha Suicida, Monkey Flip, Moonsault Plancha, Running tope suicida, Salida de Bandera, Salto Mortal, Senton, Spin Kick, Spinning headscissors into octopus hold, Springboard Armdrag, Springboard Moonsault Plancha, Sunset Flip Power Bomb, Swastika, Tope con Giro, Tope en Reversa, Tope of Death, Tope Suicida, Tornillo

Articles: Leyenda de Plata, Robert Bihari's Best Matches Ever List, Super Astros Episode Guide

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Robert Bihari, Top Lucha Matches of All-Time :" WHY put a list like this together? Simple... back when I first got the internet and began to get into Lucha Libre, there was no list like this available. When I?d ask around for what the better matches were, I?d get generic answers such as ?any AAA from 1993-1995?, ?any CMLL with Santo vs Negro? and ?all the Promo Azteca footage?. While those answers aren?t completely wrong, they are quite broad and you?d have to spend a lifetime collecting every AAA TV episode from those years or every CMLL match involving both El Hijo Del Santo and Negro Casas.:) The goal is for this list to become a valuable tool for any Lucha newbies who want to see the best that Mexico has to offer."

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