Mexican National Welterweight Tournament, 1963

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Karloff Lagarde won the Mexican National Welterweight Championship in 1962. However, he was already world champion in the division. Lagarde followed the custom of the time by giving up the national championship in 1963. A tournament took place.

An eight luchador tournament was held in Arena Coliseo over three weeks. One round took place each week.

  November 3 November 10 November 17
   Huroki Sito W    
 Jorge Rubio  
   Huroki Sito  
   Halcon Dorado W  
 Halcon Dorado W
   Rodolfo Ruiz  
      Halcon Dorado
   Javier Escobedo W
   El Rebelde W  
 Apolo Curiel  
   El Rebelde
   Javier Escobedo W  
 Javier Escobedo W
   Espectro II