Mexican National Women's Tournament, 2007

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Lady Apache already held the Mexican National Women's Championship when she won the CMLL World Women's Championship on Christmas Day, 2006. Apache kept both titles for a few months, only defending the world one, until she finally vacated the lesser national title on April 15, 2007

CMLL resolved the vacant championship by holding a cibernetico on April 27th, 2010. Fourteen women were given spots in the match, and the final two survivors would come back the following week to determine the new champion.

CMLL's female roster was not especially deep at this point, and the rules of the national titles eliminating foreigners (Dark Angel, Hiroka) from participating made the group shallow. Besides the regulars, and people who would end up being regulars, CMLL filled out the match with Atenea, a luchadora from Guadalajara who had not wrestled in Arena Mexico since the early 90s and would not return after this match, and Diosa Maya, a long time Monterrey luchador who turned up only a few more times in Mexico City.

Luchadors who lost in the cibernetico round (no particular order):

The final two survivors were tecnica Marcela and ruda Princesa Sujei. Marcela would win the May 4th singles match and hold the championship for about a year and a half.