Michinoku Pro Tohoku Jr. Title Tournament, 2003

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When Atlantis defeated Dick Togo to win the Michinoku Pro Tohoku Jr. Title on a M Pro tour in 2003, he brought it back to Mexico with him to defend. To honor his achievement, CMLL held a four man, one night tournament to determine a contender for the championship.

The matches were held on 2003.11.07, at Arena Mexico

Rey Bucanero-----
                 |Perro Aguayo Jr.-
Perro Aguayo Jr.-                  |
                                   |Perro Aguayo Jr.
Ultimo Guerrero--                  |
                 |Ultimo Guerrero--
Dr. Wagner Jr.---

Perro Aguayo Jr. met Atlantis on 2003.11.14 in Arena Mexico for the title match. The match turned out to be a four fall match, when the third fall was thrown out due to both wrestlers being counted out. Atlantis would retain the championship. (That finish was later played off in the 2004 Leyenda de Plata)