Micro Estrellas

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The Micro Estrellas are a concept inside Mexican lucha libre. Usually, a micro estrella is a shorter wrestler (talking in height terms) than a mini estrella. The micro estrellas are barely used in wrestling events; they usually are seconds or mini companions for regular wrestlers.


There are records of midget wrestlers since 1952. They were primarily used to catch kids atention, and draw people to the arenas. The concept was shortly after forget by promoters. Instead, promotions opted to use mini estrellas, short version of regular wrestlers.


On April 30, 2017 at CMLL Children's Day Event, the promotion relaunched back the division after too many years of inactivity. El Gallito and Microman defeated Mije and Perico Zakarías at fourth match of the card. On following events, the division began to appear regularly on CMLL cards. Over time, more wrestlers were added to the micro estrellas division.


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