Moro Family

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This is Moro family based in Gomez Palacio.

1st Generation
El Moro
2nd Generation
Brillante Moro III Zafiro Espanto Jr. Kevin Zafiro (II) Non luchador parents
3rd Generation
La Sombra Diamante Jr. Espanto Jr. (CMLL) Zafiro Jr. Brillante Jr. (II)

There are at least 4 more of Moro's sons who are luchadors.

unrelated, but billed as such

  • Dragon Rojo Jr. has at times claimed to be part of this family, other times declared he has no relatives in the wrestling business and even other times been billed as the grandson of the original Dragon Rojo. It's understood Rojo was trained by many of the Moros but is not actually related to them.