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Mr. Tempest
Mr. Tempest
Name Mr. Tempest
Real name unrevealed
Nicknames Idolo de las Damas, Señor Tempestad, El Amo de las Tempestades
Name history Excalibur (1993 - ?), Sable, Guerrero Azteca, Mr. Tempest (1995 - current)
Family Conde (father), Conde Jr. (brother), TJ Boy (Cousin)
Maestro(s) Rey Misterio, Fobia, Super Astro, Depredador, Peligro Mortal, Chamaco Martinez, Barón Chino.
Birth date, location October 30, 1974 , Tijuana, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location June 4, 1993, Tijuana, Baja California
Lost mask to
Height 1.80 m
Weight 109 kg
Signature moves Superkick, La Campana, Quebradora con giro, Plancha, La Atlantida, Rope Walk Armdrag and Headscissors Combo, Gedo Clutch, Tope con Giro,(formerly), Roundhouse Kick
Titles: FILL Heavyweight Championship, Americas Lightheavyweight Championship, IWA International Lightheavyweight Championship, WWU Cruiserweight Championship, X-LAW Tag Team Championship (with Angel Mensajero) , WWO Tag Team Championship (2/with Dep​red​ado​r, and Fobia),NGX Extreme Championship, UIPW Heavyweight Championship, 126f Heavyweight Master Championship, UWA Lightheavyweight Championship, Arena Mexicali Undisputed Championship, Baja California Middleweight Championship, WXW Intercontinental Title


The Beginning

Inspired by his father El Conde, Mr. Tempest decided to follow the family tradition. He trained under the most well known Lucha Libre trainers in Tijuana. Fobia was his first maestro who taught him the basics. Then Rey Misterio was the one who guided him in his professional wrestling career. Moreover, Super Astro, Depredador , Barón Chino, Peligro Mortal, and Chamaco Martínez also saw his potential and contributed greatly with his training. He made his debut as Excalibur on June 4, 1993 in a singles match against Veneno. During his career he took several characters such as Excalibur, Sable and Guerrero Azteca. On October 5, 1995 in a WWO event named Triple Power he took over the mantle of Mr. Tempest. At first he began as Mr. Tempest Jr, however the Junior suffix was dropped since he was the only active Mr. Tempest. In his WWO run he won the WWO Tag Team Championships twice (one with Fobia and one with Depredador).

An All-Rounder Wrestler

Currently he is one of the most prolific wrestlers in Baja California, skilled at being a rudo and a tecnico. He had competed with and against the biggest names in Lucha Libre. In his Championship record he also had the Americas Lightheavyweight Championship by defeating Humilde, the FILL Heavyweight Championship, and the IWA International Lightheavyweight Championship.

His wrestling style is predominantly technical and in the beginning of his career used to be aerial. In his wrestling style he also includes stiff moves. Morever, he had demonstrated his skills adquired in Rey Misterio's school. He had endured hardcore matches against the top exponents such as Damian 666, Halloween, Psicosis, and Rey Misterio himself. As proof of his skills in Extreme Wrestling. He had won the X-LAW Tag Team Championships along with Angel Mensajero, and the NGX Extreme Championship defeating Halloween on August 27, 2006 at Arena Coliseo Mexicali. He also had participated in MMA matches. Mr. Tempest's debut at MMA (Vale Todo) was on September 16, 2007 against Hilario Castro.

He had reached success beyond Baja California, he had participated in a number of Independent wrestling promotions in the United States. In 1990s he wrestled with El Zorro de California and El Mexicano against Yokozuna, Nikozuna, and Espectro Jr. in Santa Clarita, CA. He became the first Mexican wrestler to win the UIPW Heavyweight Championship by defeating Super Natural in Los Angeles. His most recent title is the 126f Heavyweight Master Championship a belt exclusive for veteran luchadors.

Over the years he had been awarded for his good quality matches. Moreover, he had been awarded for his altruistic participation in benefit shows.

Mr. Tempest Professional Wrestling School

Previously, Mr. Tempest worked as Trainer back in Tijuana in Rey Misterio's wrestling school along with Gran Astucia and when he came to reside in Mexicali also performed as instructor at Arena Huracan Ramirez training Genio Del Aire and Iron Boy. Then he was guidance at Arena Coliseo Mexicali. Recently he founded his own professional wrestling school. Mr. Tempest Professional Wrestling School where he trains future generations of wrestlers in Mexicali. So far three generations had graduated from his wrestling school.


Honorable Comisión de Box y Lucha de Tijuana

  • Match of the Year 1998 - mask vs mask against Animaniac
  • Most Dramatic Match of 1999 - Mr. Tempest vs Fantomas

Honorable Comisión de Box y Lucha de Mexicali

  • Wrestler of the Year 2007
  • Match of the Year 2007 - Mr. Tempest vs Mortiz

Arena Coliseo Mexicali

  • Rafael Rebelin Tag Team Cups 2008 (w/Humilde)

Other Accomplishments

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
09/13/98 Danubio Azul - Tijuana Mr. Tempest defeated Animaniac to take his mask. Awarded as the Match of the Year by the Honorable Comisión de Box y Lucha de Tijuana (CBLT).
12/19/99 Tijuana Mr. Tempest defeated Fantomas Awarded as the Most Dramatic Match by the Honorable Comisión de Box y Lucha de Tijuana (CBLT).
09/??/03 Arena Coliseo Mexicali El Dandy retained the National Light Heavyweight Title against Mr. Tempest
01/01/04 Auditorio del Estado, Mexicali Mr. Tempest defeated El Dandy in a hand to hand
05/23/04 Arena Coliseo Mexicali Mr. Tempest defeated El Dandy for the Arena Coliseo Cup 2004.
?/?/07 Mexicali Mr. Tempest defeated Mortiz in a Champion vs Champion match. Awarded as the Extreme Match of the Year by the Honorable Comisión de Box y Lucha de Mexicali.
09/01/07 Arena Nacionalista Mr. Tempest defeated Humilde IWA International Lightheavyweight Championship.
05/19/13 Los Angeles, California Mr. Tempest defeated Super Natural in a Hair vs Championship Cage Match to become the first Mexican and masked luchador UIPW Heavyweight Champion

Championship Matches

Year Title Winner(s) Type Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2019.06.22 WXW Intercontinental Title Mr. Tempest Change Tony Rivera El Terrenazo - Mexicali, Baja California

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask (1) Mr. Tempest Bad Blood Gym Auditorio - Tijuana, Baja California
??/??/1996 mask Mr. Tempest Angel (Tijuana) Gym Auditorio - Tijuana, Baja California
??/??/1996 hair Mr. Tempest Príncipe Arandú Auditorio Municipal - Tijuana, Baja California
16/09/1998 mask Mr. Tempest Animaniac Danubio Azul - Tijuana, Baja California
??/??/?? hair Mr. Tempest El Pzayko Arena Coliseo Mexicali
03/07/2005 mask(2) Mr. Tempest Dr. Tirano Arena Coliseo Mexicali
??/??/?? hair Mr. Tempest Humilde Arena Coliseo Mexicali
??/??/?? hair Mr. Tempest Tigre Leon Arena Coliseo Mexicali
29/07/2007 hair (3) Mr. Tempest Tirano Arena Coliseo Mexicali
23/03/2008 hair Mr. Tempest Pandillero II The Show Palace- Oceanside, California
??/??/2011 hair (4) Mr. Tempest Caudillo II Arena Coliseo Mexicali - Mexicali, Baja California
30/07/2011 mask (5) Mr. Tempest Kamikaze Palenque del Fex - Mexicali, Baja California
16/06/2013 title (6) Mr. Tempest Super Natural Boys & Girls Club - East Los Angeles, California, USA
(1) Cuadrangular;(2) Jaula de la Muerte along with Iron Boy and Rey Cobra; (3) Jaula de la Muerte along with Genio del Aire and Rey Cobra;(4) hair vs hair match; (5) Ruleta de la Muerte along with Black Abyss, Damian 666, Leatherface, Kato Kung Lee jr., and Tigre Leon; (6) hair vs title match


the Conde's mask
Tempest 126.jpg
Arena Mexicali Undisputed Championship
Mr. Tempest Bigotes memorial award.jpg
126f title defense.jpg

Tempest 2018.jpg
FB IMG 1526567478326.jpg
FB IMG 1526240161274.jpg
20180325 224851.jpg

20180325 225559.jpg
DSC 4139 zpspqvvmctz.jpg
FB IMG 1519766628429.jpg
FB IMG 1515354716306.jpg

FB IMG 1514349704289.jpg
FB IMG 1516911084945.jpg
FB IMG 1523580447622.jpg
FB IMG 1528009275452.jpg

20171111 221855.jpg
20171111 222558(0).jpg
FB IMG 1510189924079.jpg

FB IMG 1514349800332.jpg
FB IMG 1514349312146.jpg
FB IMG 1510585312910.jpg
20171029 222521(0)~01.jpg

FB IMG 1503445115719.jpg
with Pzaiko

FB IMG 1497904242382~01.jpg
holding the masks of El Hijo de Rey Misterio III
FB IMG 1499756576073.jpg

as 126f Heavyweight Master Champion

FB IMG 1495656168133.jpg
FB IMG 1472103010924.jpg

FB IMG 1471548101858.jpg
FB IMG 1467573217608.jpg
as UIPW Heavyweight Champion

Delivering a Superkick
FB IMG 1476490332604.jpg
FB IMG 1477531181416.jpg

Mr. Tempest & Lady Tempest.jpg
Presenting his first alumni
FB IMG 1471547876732.jpg

vs Caballero Azteca
winning Tirano's hair
winning El Kamikaze's mask

FB IMG 1469316161086.jpg
IWA International Lightheavyweight Champion
with the XLAW Tag Team Champion
as WWU Champion
FB IMG 1467903337506.jpg

vs Extreme Tiger in his early days
as UWA Lightheavyweight Champion
as FILL and Americas Champion
with Dep​red​ado​r as WWO Tag Team Champions
FB IMG 1484597314207.jpg


FB IMG 1510298028264.jpg
FB IMG 1483504339791.jpg
Screenshot 2017-07-20-00-49-18~01.png
mask vs mask againstAnimaniac
FB IMG 1467104538566.jpg

FB IMG 1467900650911.jpg
FB IMG 1466973830661.jpg
FB IMG 1467104141334.jpg
Screenshot 2017-07-20-00-49-28~01.png
Screenshot 2017-07-20-00-50-05~01.png

Screenshot 2017-07-20-00-48-11~01.png
FB IMG 1491007177385.jpg
FB IMG 1495659823780.jpg

winning Angel's mask
classic outfit
En Arena Nacionalista
with Fobia as WWO Tag Team Champions

FB IMG 1515537931173.jpg
Mr. Tempest in black.jpg
redesigned mask
with Anarkista & Jungla
as Mr Tempest Jr
with Conde Jr. (left) & Humilde

FB IMG 1523339549942.jpg
FB IMG 1522730251785.jpg
as Mr Tempest Jr
as Guerrero Azteca
as Sable with Piloto Suicida

FB IMG 1467904534977.jpg
as Excalibur
June 4,1993, his debut as Excalibur

Video Clips

Official Sites

Página Oficial de Mr Tempest y sus Fans

Empresa Arena Nacionalista
Promoter: Príncipe Negro
Arena Champions: Nacionalista (Aeroboy), Rey del Aire (Ryan Kidd), Women's (Aira)
Baja California Champions: Women's (Baronessa), Lightweight (Vacant), Welterweight (Genio Del Aire), Middleweight (Mr. Tempest), Extreme (Voltron)
Inactive: Lightheavyweight, Heavyweight, Tag Team, Trios, Junior Tag Team
Pacific Coast Champions: Supreme: (Centurión), Tag Team (Humilde & Humilde Jr.)
Foreign Titles: IC Heavyweight (Guerrero Rojo), International: (Princesa Hernández)