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Mr. Tempest trains future and current luchadors in Mexicali at his own school.

Previously, he was requested by the Honorable Comisión de Box y Lucha de Mexicali as synod for the aspiring luchadors, most of them came from Arena Coliseo Mexicali. One of his projects was training new wrestlers on his own.

In the beginning he was supported by Gimnasio Ichinoe a mixed martial arts gymnasium while he was training Vale Todo with them. The Gimnasio Ichinoe provided him an space in which he trained his first generation of wrestlers. His wrestling school officaly began on 2013. They held wrestling events as well and most of his first alumni made their professional debuts there. After the Gimnasio Ichinoe closed on September 2014, he received an opportunity from DESOM. With an agreement to use an space in the Unidad Deportiva Carvajal since January 2015 until May 2016 where they second and third generation came out.

On 2017 his school was relocated once more. It is relocated at Pitbull's Gym in Mexicali, Baja California.


So far four generations had graduated from his wrestling school.

First Generation:

Second Generation:

Third Generation

Fourth Generation


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part of the first generation
first generation graduated
Miss Tiger graduated from the second generation
Aira graduated from the second generation

Destello graduated from the third generation
Dragon Master, graduated from the fourth generation
a day of training
Tempest School

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Includes interviews of Mr. Tempest and part of the first generation trainees at his school sharing their perspectives about Lucha Libre.

2016 Interview with Mr. Tempest about his in ring career and as a trainer and a brief interview with Miss Tiger about her upcoming debut.

2017 Interview with Mr. Tempest about his experience as trainer and his Wrestling School.

More Information

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