Occidente Middleweight Tournament, 1965

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A three week tournament for the (apparently) vacant championship. All matches were held in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. Only six wrestlers are known to have participated. It's possible the missing first round matches took place on the March 12th card, which did not list the complete undercard.

Lucha Libre (magazine) 72 mentions the tournament, listing Luis Gonzalez & Alberto Munoz along with Vick Amezcua in the tournament. It's possible Gonzalez & Munoz are the missing names in the ment.

The two known quarterfinals took place on March 19. The semfinals took place March 26th, and the final on April 2nd.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Black Killer    
   Black Killer W  
   Kiko Van Dick  
 El Enfermero
   Kiko Van Dick W  
      Black Killer
   Vick Amezcua W
   El Angel  
 Oso Negro W  
   Oso Negro
   Vick Amezcua W  
   Vick Amezcua