Occidente Trios Tournament, 1985

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An tournament which took place over from September 3 to October 27, crowning new (and likely first) trios champions. All matches took place at Arena Coliseo Guadalajara and there was typically one match a week. The winner and semifinalists are unknown; the October 27th paper simply lists the final taking place.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Angel del Silencio, Orión, Rafaga W     October 15, 1985
 Calavera I, El Cavernario, El Idolo  
   Angel del Silencio, Orión, Rafaga  
September 3, 1985
   Asesino Negro, Satanás, Torbellino Negro  
 Asesino Negro, Satanás, Torbellino Negro
September 24, 1985 October 27, 1985      
   Bucanero I, Bucanero II, Sultan W  
 Aguila I, Águila II, Bumerang  
   Bucanero I, Bucanero II, Sultan
September 17, 1985?
   Cinta Negra, El Dorado, Inca I  
 Inca II, León Kirilenko, Tiburon
   Cinta Negra, El Dorado, Inca I W     October 22, 1985
October 1, 1985