Oyuki (AAA)

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Name Oyuki
Real name Io Shirai
Nicknames Morado de Trueno (Purple Thunder), Tenkū no Genius (Sky Genius)
Name history Io Shirai, Biba Kasa, Oyuki, Hitokiri ("Mankiller", Lucha Underground)
Family Kitzune Nanoko (sister), Tank Nagai (brother-in-law)
Maestro(s) Tomohiko Hashimoto
Birth date, location May 8, 1990
Obituary date
Debut, location March 4, 2007
Lost mask to
Height 155 cm/5' 1"
Weight 52 kg/114 lb
Signature moves STO, Thunder Splash, Spanish Fly, Magica de Io (Casita comboed to legroll clutch), Moonsault, Far East Destroyer
Titles: Americas World Mixed Tag Team Titles (w/NOSAWA)


Japanese wrestler who turned up in IWRG at the end of September 2010, teaming with her sister Kitzune Nanoko. Both impressed enough to make the jump to AAA, feuding with Fabi and Mari Apache. The Japanese sisters stole the Reina de Reyes and AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championship belts of the Mexican sisters in November 2010, but never appeared on TV again before returning Japan. May be back in 2011.