Puma (Mexico)

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Name Puma
Real name
Name history Fugitivo III, Puma
Maestro(s) Hombre Bala, Pirata Morgan
Birth date, location Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location September 16, 1993 - Mixoac
Lost mask to
Height 180 cm
Weight 110 kg
Signature moves STF
Titles: Arena Aragón Heavyweight Champion [x5], Arena Aragón Tag Team Championship (w/Killer Jr.), Arena Azteca Budokan Heavyweight Championship [x3], Arena Isabel Championship


Ring Career

Mexico State based rudo. Began his trainig when he was 13 and debuted by the age of 18 in a Festival of Route 100 in Mixoac under the name of Fugitivo III. One of his friends gave him the option of changing his name to Puma. His friend told him that there was no other with that name, and he made sure and chose the name of Puma. Wrestled in arenas such as Arena 2 de Junio, Arena la Loba, festivals and markets in Ciudad Neza. He continued in others arenas such as Arena Azteca Budokan, Arena Neza, Arena Xochimilco, arena San Juan Pantitlán, Arena Naucalpan, Arena Coliseo Acapulco, Arena Isabel, Arena Aragón in all of them was main eventer.

He is an all-rounder wrestlers, but his strength is his technique, he uses high flying moves, and practiced hardcore matches, but is not his style.

As Trainer

He has been trainer since 2001 at Arena Azteca Budokan, and instructing at Arena Neza and Koncreto Gym.