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#REDIRECT[[Genesis (Monterrey)]]
|name=Quinto Misterio
|nicknames=5to Misterio
|nameHistory=Quinto Misterio
|maestro=[[Golden Boy]], [[Rosa Salvaje (Monterrey)|Rosa Salvaje]], [[Rey Demonio Jr.]], [[Simbolo 2000]], [[Mario Segura]]
|birthdate=[[May 15]], [[1982]]
|debut=[[August 26]], [[2007]]- [[Arena Jaguar]]
|height=165 cm/5'5"
== Lucha de Apuestas Record ==
{{aline|??/??/??|hair|[[Quinto Misterio]]|[[Goliath]]|unknown}}
{{aline|??/??/??|hair|[[Quinto Misterio]]|[[Black Panther]]|unknown}}
[[Category:Mexican wrestlers]][[Category:Monterrey based wrestlers]]

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