Road Dogg

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Road Dogg
Road Dogg
Name Road Dogg
Real name Brian Girard James
Nicknames "B-Jizzle", "Road Dogg", "Double J"
Name history Kip Sopp, Kip Winchester, Billy Gunn (Debut - current), Rockabilly (1997), Mr. Ass (1999), Billy G (2000) The New Age Outlaw (TNA debut - 2005), The Outlaw (TNA 2005), Kip James (TNA 2005 - 2009), Cute Kip (TNA 2008 - 2009), Kip Gunn (LLUSA 2011)
Family Bob Armstrong (father), Brad Armstrong, Scott Armstrong, Steve Armstrong (Brothers)
Maestro(s) Bob Armstrong, Brad Armstrong & Paul Orndorff
Birth date, location May 20, 1969- Marietta, Georgia
Obituary date
Debut, location 1986
Lost mask to
Height 6'4"/193 cm
Weight 268 lb/122 kg
Signature moves pumphandle slam
Titles: NWA Alabama Heavyweight Championship, MCW Tag Team Championship (w/Billy Gunn), TWA Tag Team Championship (w/Billy Gunn)WWF/E World Tag Team Championship ( w/Billy Gunn)