Salvador Lutteroth Singles Tournament, 1998

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On March 20, 1998, at Arena Mexico, CMLL held a one-night tournament in honor of Salvador Lutteroth. The idea was to enter eight of the finest wrestlers the company had to offer and they would proceed to steal the show.

                      |Black Warrior---
Black Warrior---------                 |
                                       |Black Warrior---
Ultimo Dragon---------                 |                |
                      |Ultimo Dragon---                 |
Karloff Lagarde Jr.---                                  |
                                                        |Mr. Niebla
Mr. Niebla------------                                  |
                      |Mr. Niebla------                 |
Universo 2000---------                 |                |
                                       |Mr. Niebla------ 
Atlantis--------------                 |


Mr. Niebla winning the tournament was actually overshadowed by the post-tournament angle where Universo 2000 attacked him and Rayo de Jalisco who was in the ring to present the trophy to the winner. Rayo de Jalisco Jr. came out to save his dad but Steele made a surprise appearence, attacked Rayo, stole his mask and burned it on the ringpost.