Sin Limite

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Principe Unlimited
Principe Unlimited
Name Principe Unlimited
Real name ???
Nicknames El Nino de Oro
Name history Principe Unlimited (debut-2012), Sin Limite (2012-)
Family Sin Limite Jr. (brother)
Maestro(s) El Nino Asesino, Corsario de Plata, Super Boy
Birth date, location ? - Guadalajara, Jalisco
Obituary date
Debut, location November 23, 1998- Santa Fe Springs
Lost mask to
Height 175 cm/5' 9"
Weight 76 kg/167 lb
Signature moves Moonsault, Frankensteiner, Principe Scorpion, Code Red, Spanish Fly, Canadian Destroyer
Titles: FMLL Tag Team Championship (w/Piloto Suicida), IWM Cruiserweight Championship, PWE Tag Team w/ Ventige Dragon Championship, FMLL Cruiserweight Championship, AWP Tag Team Championship[2] (w/Sin Limite Jr., w/Lestat), MWP Cruiserweight Championship


California based luchador. He trained for 2 years and a half for five days a week in order to become professional. His first ring name came up in the gym. His maestro told him that his stance and style was like the one of a prince. His training partners Super Boy and Acero Dorado put him to execute high flying moves and he did everything they asked. He did those moves with effort, but he did them. One night the told him: "Parece que no tienes limites cabron" (Looks like you don't have limits cabron) and that is how the name of "Principe Unlimited" came up he went under that name from his debut until 2012.

Rocky Roman from FMLL propoused a new project and name chamge to "Sin Limite". His debut was on November 23, 1998 in Santa Fe Springs with the Martin Marin's WOW.

He is neither rudo or tecnico, he is just Sin Limite (without limits). He is skilled in both sides, but feels better as tecnico, and rudo when it is necessary or people ask for it. He is techniquer and high flyer.

Lucha de Apuesta Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/???? hair Principe Unlimited Apolo de Oro unknown
??/??/???? mask Principe Unlimited Terror Galactico unknown
??/??/???? mask Principe Unlimited Fenyx unknown
10/20/1999 mask Principe Unlimited Imagen Long Beach, CA.
07/23/2002 mask Principe Unlimited Profeta El Monte, CA.
??/??/???? hair Principe Unlimited Profeta unknown
09/16/2002 mask Principe Unlimited El Carnero los Angeles, CA.
06/07/2003 mask Principe Unlimited Diabolico Oxnard, CA.


still from "Lucha Libre: Life Behind The Mask (2008)"
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